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Field Notes

Wolfscote Dale



It started with a nice thick cut bacon roll for breakfast at camp, accompanied by a fresh cup of coffee. Once this had hit our stomachs we set out to find Wolfscote Dale. With both sides of the river watched over by exposed moss cladded rock, you couldn't wish for a better setting to enjoy a days trekking and fly fishing. After walking the bank for a couple of miles, a few rises were spotted in some shaded water, this was enough to strip some line and get out there. After a few casts it wasn't long before a few snaps were taken at the floating size 16 dry fly. As it made its way down the river underneath the over hanging bank, a sudden flash of silver warned of the strike and the next thing I knew I was pulling back on the rod to feel the resistance of a wild brownie. It wasn't the longest fight I had ever experienced but it put up a hell of a tug!  After unhooking, the fish was returned to the water. A lot of the fish population in this beat are wild, it's important to abide by a catch and release policy to ensure the natural breeding is continued for future stocks. 

Wolfscote dale001.JPG
Wolfscote dale002.JPG
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Wolfscote dale005.JPG