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Field Notes

East Coast Pots


Scotland is a place I always look forward to visiting, although I am half Scottish, I have always been considered English, particularly by the most passionate of Scots. After graduating from Edinburgh in 2009, I only have the pleasure of visiting Scotland a few times a year. Recently during an exploration of the East Coast we had the opportunity to venture out with 'Micky', a skipper of a boat moored at St. Abbs. 

We ventured about two miles off land and dropped our crude lines littered with hooks to see if there were any mackerel around. After moving to various places we hit the money. We began hooking and hooking and hooking. It quickly got to the point that we had as many as we could eat that night. Although great sport for a couple of hours, we soon wanted to up our game. So when Micky suggested we travel North up the coast for a few miles to check some lobster pots, it was lines up and engine chugging.

The first pot had a few lobsters, but too small to take so released back to the ocean floor. We then pulled up Micky's mates pot, we were told he was abroad (in England) so we could help ourselves. It is thanks to this we ate like Kings that night. Our new Lobster friend soon had his fist sized claw clamped shut by a rubber band and bagged up.

That night, both the mackerel and lobster were enjoyed on the BBQ at camp with a few beers. Although a grim and bleak summers day weather wise, a great end to an East Coast adventure.