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Field Notes

Coldingham Loch


Coldingham Loch is right on the East Coast of Scotland, a unique spot for Rainbow's and Browns on the fly. The Loch is well stocked by the fishery and the surroundings are stunning. On arrival, we had to question if we had the right spot as the Loch was completely cloaked by fog and out of sight. 

After setting up, we pushed out from the boat house and headed for the north shore of the loch. Through the crystal water, it was noticeably getting shallower. The sun was beginning to burn off the morning fog and pushing temperatures into the mid twenties. With a slight ripple on the surface, it was difficult to read what was going on, our instincts were saying go deep with the sun so strong. Conditions were slow. After a few hours of fishing we started to realise the trout were not playing ball. Our thoughts started turning to the evening session where temperatures would drop and maybe a hatch would get the trout up top.

But until then we persevered, sinking leaders, wet fly, dry fly, nymphs, fast sinking dropper patterns, they weren't biting. As frustration grew, we decided to jump ashore and end the day in waders in an area we couldn't hold anchor on the boat. All around us there were trout rising and jumping. It wasn't long before one of them was connected with a size 14 dry fly and 60 yards of line. Pulling with all of its 2lb, it had the rod doubled over and fingers burning as it stripped line. The fish was released and it was straight back in to chest deep waters. It wasn't long until another rainbow was snapping at the dry fly as it skated across the ripples in the water. After a few more catches, we decided to call it a day and find somewhere to camp down for the night.